Bad day

Today, I woke up at 2 pm. I wanted to wake up early, but I couldn’t. anyway, my roommate woke up at the same time. we went to the cafeteria and ate some foods. After that, We went to Brimpee to get some stuff. And then we went to the south village and meet friends. then we went back to our room. After we came back our room, I was doing net surfing. While I do that, I noticed I lost my card case. In card case, there were my student ID, credit card, Japanese driver licence, and so on. I was really really upset. I looked for everywhere. My roommate helped me. He looked fo together and he gave me a ride. We went to Brimpee twice, and I told my friends live in the south village. They give me some advice, and they helped me.  My roommate looked for so much even though I almost gave up. After we took a dinner, we are supposed to go to the Brimpee again, but when we walk the 4th floor, RA told me we found it. I was relief very much. I found it finally even though card case and cash are stolen.I really appreciated for my roommate, my friends, and the person who found my cards. In addition, as soon as I asked my mother to block my credit card, my mother did that for me. I can’t find the words to tell them this feeling. I’ve never happened like this after I came here, so I was really upset, but there are many kind people around me. I’m really glad. I can sleep very well tonight.

I was depressed, but he enjoyed.

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