Facebook ~Tricolour color~

The other day, there was serious terrorism in Paris.

At least, 120 people died, and many people injured.

On facebook, many people turned their images picture into tricolour color for praying Paris.

I changed it as well as other people, but this thing cause many controversies.


Because some People think that there is much terrorism in other countries as well, and many people died such as Syria.

Why don’t you pray for them? Why do you pray for just France? That is unfair. The value of human beings should be same.

For sure, I understand this opinion. Of course, every person should be same.

There is nothing which one is superior or not.

Yet, I think most people don’t think which one is superior or something like that.

There was a campaign about terrorism in Paris, so they changed their images. Some people might change them because of cool somehow, some people might change them because of praying sincerely.

Every person has a different thought.

What I want to say is that it is not good to argue about this before you know the reason why they changed images.

In my opinion, I think those who changed their images for praying sincerely don’t think discrimination.

However, Those who changed their images because of cool should know what happened  and what do you think about this terrorism.

The reason why I changed is that I thought If I changed my image, my friends who don’t know this matter would think why everybody changed their images, and they would look for why.

This matter is not only France’s problem but also all over the world’s problem.

So I think everybody should think about it.

It is free to change your images, and it’s up to you.

But, if you change your image, I think you’d better put your thought besides.

I Pray for every hurt victim by terrorism.


3 thoughts on “Facebook ~Tricolour color~”

  1. Toshi, this is a great post and I’m glad you brought up the questions you did, since I had those same questions. I feel grieved about what happened in Paris, but why only this attack, when people die from terrorism all the time? I feel that people should act as they feel and not criticize others for what they do, just as you said.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that some people evaluate the moves of changing images, it’s a sad thing about the terrorism, not a critique. I changed my image of face book because I have friends from France, they are very down mood since the Parris situation, I felt sorry about the people died in this situation so I wanted to pray them, and also show the energy to terrorists that world people are watching you, behave well. Another hand, also remind people around me to be careful when they are in crowned places.


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