Korean Market

This Saturday, I went to Korean market with my friends. That is in Iowa city.It took 2 hours by car from here. Even though name is Korean market, there are a lot of Japanese foods in there. I’m tired of American food, so when my friend asked me”Do you want to come with us?”. I said “Yes” immediately.

I looked forward to going there, so I was excited. Because it’s been a long time to eat Japanese food.

There were so many Korean, Japanese, Chinese stuff. I couldn’t decide what I was going to buy. Actually, I wanted to buy a lot of stuff, but those are imported stuff, that’s why They are so expensive, so I had to choose What I was going to buy.

After I thought over it over and over again, I decided to I bought noodle, miso soup, and Japanese snack.

IMG_1882 IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1885

I love all of them. I’m going to eat little by little.

Korean market was so fun place. I want to go there again if I have time.


3 thoughts on “Korean Market”

  1. I totally understand. When I lived in Korea, I loved the food, but I was always excited to get import food from North America. It was expensive but we got it anyway. I like that Korean store in Iowa City. I’ll have to go there again soon.


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