The reason why I decided to go study abroad

Boby’s article inspired me. My study abroad is different from others. Most students came here as college students or exchange students. I’m not both of them. I’m a Japanese university student, but I decided to stop to study in my degree program in japan for a year and to make a plan which university I go to or something like that. Originally, if I continue to study in Japan, I have to look for jobs to work after graduated. However, I decided to come to the U.S.

The biggest reason to come to the U.S is that I wanted to meet many people who come from the various country. As you know, Japan is Island, so it was hard for the foreigner to come to Japan in past years. Recently, the number of foreigners is increasing, but Japanese still get nervous when foreigner try to talk to them because we rarely meet to them in Japan. In 2020, Tokyo Olimpic is going to be held in Tokyo. Actually, I’m already excited too much.In addition, I expect many foreigners will come. I want them to enjoy Tokyo Olimpic, but there are many Japanese who can’t speak English or who avoid foreigner because they don’t have the confidence to speak English. I thought I don’t want to be like that kind of people. I thought I want to tell them how much awesome Japan is. I want them to enjoy in Japan at least the foreigner who I will meet. In order to do that, English is necessary, and by 2020 if I go abroad for a long time, I thought now or never. That’s why, I came U.S. Actually, I have many other reasons, but I can’t write here because those have really long story.

What I just want to say is “come to Japan in 2020”. I’ll guide you.jajaja


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