Chicago trip

I went to Chicago trip with ESL friends.
First of all, I just want to say that I like Chicago. Even though that is one of the big city in U.S, traditional and modern are mixed in it. We went Chicago for 2 days, but actually it was not enough for us.

We went to some famous places in Chicago.All of them are attractive for me, but among them, my favorite place is the museum.

There are a lot of exhibition in it, so I couldn’t look around all of them, but I was really enjoyed. The museum is pretty big and looks really magnificent, but inside is really modern.


Especially, I like scientific zone. It’s like the thing to use the magnet or electronic stuff.

I like to experience something actual, not just  look around even though I don’t know well about the  basis of science.

That’s why, I liked and enjoyed the museum.

In free time on Saturday, I walked along the Michigan Street. There are many stores on that street. Actually, most of them are clothes shops, or restaurants. I didn’t buy a lot of stuff, but window shopping really enjoyed.

I bought $5 knit cap, that’s it.

I ate Shake Shack burgers for dinner on the Michigan street. I’m tired of American food, but Shake Shack is different from others I want you to eat Shake Shack burgers. You should eat once. you will like it.

Before I went to Chicago, I decided to take a picture for a profile picture on facebook.
I achieved. I will change my profile picture on facebook later.


Chicago became one of the favorite city in U.S.

I hope to go there again.


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