Facebook ~Tricolour color~

The other day, there was serious terrorism in Paris.

At least, 120 people died, and many people injured.

On facebook, many people turned their images picture into tricolour color for praying Paris.

I changed it as well as other people, but this thing cause many controversies.


Because some People think that there is much terrorism in other countries as well, and many people died such as Syria.

Why don’t you pray for them? Why do you pray for just France? That is unfair. The value of human beings should be same.

For sure, I understand this opinion. Of course, every person should be same.

There is nothing which one is superior or not.

Yet, I think most people don’t think which one is superior or something like that.

There was a campaign about terrorism in Paris, so they changed their images. Some people might change them because of cool somehow, some people might change them because of praying sincerely.

Every person has a different thought.

What I want to say is that it is not good to argue about this before you know the reason why they changed images.

In my opinion, I think those who changed their images for praying sincerely don’t think discrimination.

However, Those who changed their images because of cool should know what happened  and what do you think about this terrorism.

The reason why I changed is that I thought If I changed my image, my friends who don’t know this matter would think why everybody changed their images, and they would look for why.

This matter is not only France’s problem but also all over the world’s problem.

So I think everybody should think about it.

It is free to change your images, and it’s up to you.

But, if you change your image, I think you’d better put your thought besides.

I Pray for every hurt victim by terrorism.


One of my important things

Today, I’m going to talk about one of my important things. That is a relationship. Although I stop studying in my university, after this semester, I’m going to go back and restart to study. My major is sports science. Especially, I study about the trainer. the Trainer is that when a player injured, we do first aid and make rehabilitation program. In addition, we make a training program for the player who want to improve his or her ability. The reason why I choose this major is back to high school. I have played soccer since I was a child. I had many injured through playing soccer. When I was the second grade in high school, I injured the ligament of my left knee. It was the worst injury I have ever experienced, but there is a trainer in my high school soccer team. He took care of me too much. He made rehabilitation program for me, and when he came to school, he asked me my condition every time. After four months I got injured, I restart to play soccer. Thanks to my trainer, my ability was really improved more than before I got injured. I thought without my trainer I couldn’t have put up with rehabilitation. He gave me motivation and  purpose to do rehabilitation. He turned my worst experienced into best experienced. I thought I wanted to study trainer because the injury gives you a great chance to change yourself. I thought I want to help them.
My most decision is  affected by people who I met. That’s why, it’s important for me to take care of my relationship.
sometimes people make me happy, sometimes make me mad, sometimes make me sad.

But, people make me grow up, so everyone who I have relationships is really important for me.

It never changes in my life.

The reason why I decided to go study abroad

Boby’s article inspired me. My study abroad is different from others. Most students came here as college students or exchange students. I’m not both of them. I’m a Japanese university student, but I decided to stop to study in my degree program in japan for a year and to make a plan which university I go to or something like that. Originally, if I continue to study in Japan, I have to look for jobs to work after graduated. However, I decided to come to the U.S.

The biggest reason to come to the U.S is that I wanted to meet many people who come from the various country. As you know, Japan is Island, so it was hard for the foreigner to come to Japan in past years. Recently, the number of foreigners is increasing, but Japanese still get nervous when foreigner try to talk to them because we rarely meet to them in Japan. In 2020, Tokyo Olimpic is going to be held in Tokyo. Actually, I’m already excited too much.In addition, I expect many foreigners will come. I want them to enjoy Tokyo Olimpic, but there are many Japanese who can’t speak English or who avoid foreigner because they don’t have the confidence to speak English. I thought I don’t want to be like that kind of people. I thought I want to tell them how much awesome Japan is. I want them to enjoy in Japan at least the foreigner who I will meet. In order to do that, English is necessary, and by 2020 if I go abroad for a long time, I thought now or never. That’s why, I came U.S. Actually, I have many other reasons, but I can’t write here because those have really long story.

What I just want to say is “come to Japan in 2020”. I’ll guide you.jajaja