My University


In this post, I’m going to introduce my university. My university’s name is Waseda University.

it is built in 1902. “Waseda” is the place name in Tokyo, and it is the oldest private school in Japan.

There are a lot of foreign students, especially from Asia, and 44000 students study in this university.

Waseda is not only one of the highest rank university but also sports is famous.

Rugby, baseball, soccer, and track & field are famous, and school color is dark red.


There are 13 majors, and when you take the entrance exam, you apply what you want to.

My major is the sports science. One of the campuses of sports science is located in Saitama, not Tokyo.


Obviously, in this campus, we study about sports. Of course, we not only listen to the class but also play a lot of sports.

To get a lot of places to play sports, it is located in local place.

Actually, we have 9 campuses, but mostly classes can take in 2 campuses.

Even though Waseda university is the oldest private school, There is a private school that is built same time.

That is “Keio university”. they have had the relationship before World War second. their relationship is really famous in Japan, and we competitive a lot of things. Among of them, the most famous event is sports. It is called “Soukei-sen”.

 A lot of Alumni and students that they are not Waseda or Keio come this game as if professional game.


I love my university because it has historical, traditional. In addition, there are  a bunch of people, so you can meet various people. After this fall semester, I’m going to go back Japan, and I’m going to go to this university for a year. I’d like to go to watch a lot of games.



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