My Home Town

My hometown is Kariya in Aichi, Japan.Kariya is the rich city that is improved, so Kariya has great facilities and many companies offices. Technically, a lot of companies make Kariya be rich. One of the company is “TOYOTA”. They have a lot of factories, and many of them is in Aichi. In addition, many of parts companies that make car parts Toyota need them to built cars are in Kariya. That’s why, Kariya is a rich city. This time I’m going to show you what is rich, what facilities is in Kariya.

First of all, Kariya has Public bus for free. Everyone can get on the bus for free. This bus goes around Kariya city, and many of citizen use this bus. This bus goes to every public facility in Kariya, so even if they don’t have a car, you can go to the hospital or somewhere like that. I think it’s hard to be free for everyone unless they have money.


Second is service area. service area is the place to be rest if you are tired while you drive highway. Originally, service area has a convenience store and a restroom, that’s all, but recently, a lot of service area has various facilities like the amusement park. Kariya has a service area named “Kariya Highway Oasis”. This service area has a lot of food stores, shops, and a hot spring. Moreover, there is a “Ferris wheel”.


This place is getting popular today. “Kariya highway Oasis” became the place that is third largest attendance in Japan even though officially, that is not the amusement park. First largest is “Tokyo Disney Land”, and second largest is “Universal Stadio Japan”. many people come from all of Japan.

Kariya is improved actually but is not the urban city. I think they think it’s important to keep their atmosphere. I like this city. I don’t live in Kariya because to go to university. I use to live in Tokyo  before I came the USA, and I’m going to live in Tokyo after this fall semester. I don’t know if I live in Kariya in the future or not. but Kariya is the important place for me.


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