Japanese Food

Today, I’m going to talk about real “Japanese food”. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in the US, but I think most restaurants are mixed with Chinese taste. I like Chinese food, but if it’s mixed when I wanted to eat Japanese food, it wouldn’t be tasty. Also, there is a California roll in the US, but I don’t admit that is Japanese sushi. That’s why, I’m going to introduce my favorite real Japanese food.

First of all, I introduce “Okonomiyaki”.


This is an okonomiyaki. The flour that mixed water is base, and you can put whatever you like in it. Basically, there are pork, seafood, cabbages, leeks and eggs. it is baked on the iron plate. After it is baked, original source that is similar to teriyaki sauce,  mayonnaise, and dried bonito put on it. If you come to Japan, you should go to the okonomiyaki shop. There are many okonomiyaki shops that you can make okonomiyaki by yourself.

Second is Japanese ramen. I love Japanese ramen. Japanese ramen has a lot of taste. For instance, salt, miso, soy souse, pork, miso butter, and so on.


Ramen has a lot of taste and the thickness of noodles, so you should try a lot of taste and thickness. Instant noodle also has  a lot of taste. If you go to  Japanese grocery stores or convenience store, you will surprise.


These are all instant noodles. Actually, this is not a good picture to show you. I think there are more spaces to lie on instant noodles. Instant noodle has not only ramen but also spaghetti and yakisoba. I love instant noodle because of price and taste.

Finally, I recommend “Omuraisu”. This is a really delicious food that chicken rice is wrapped by baked egg. I like ketchup one.

If you like ketchup and egg, you must be like this.


This is familiar to be basic “omuraisu”, but recently it is getting popular to be half cooked egg.


I prefer basic one though.

Japanese food is not only sushi. There are many Japanese foods. Sushi is used raw fish, so some people may not like that. However, the foods that I introduced are not used raw material, so you must come to like.


3 thoughts on “Japanese Food”

  1. Great post, Toshi. You’ve made me very hungry. 🙂 In Korea, you can get a lot of Japanese foods, like omuraisu and donkatsu, but it is much harder to find okonomiyaki and actual Japanese ramen. There is a lot of instant ramen noodles, of course.


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